Out Now! Speak No Evil / Late Bloomer

Late Bloomer-ジャケ写

Speak No Evil / Late Bloomer
1,800 yen + tax

Available at Tower Records, HMV, disk union etc.
and also…

■ iTunes

■ Apple Music

■ Spotify


■ amazon music

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11月7日発売! Speak No Evil / Late Bloomer

Late Bloomer-ジャケ写.jpg

Speak No Evil / Late Bloomer
11月7日発売。1,800 yen + tax

1. Totem Pole
3. Higher Man
4. absolute island
5. Say It
7. Say It (dub)

Akira Tatsumi / 巽朗: Alto saxophone
Motoharu / 元晴 : Tenor and soprano saxophones
Tanco: Bass
Tetsuya Hataya / ハタヤテツヤ: Piano
Shinichiro Akihiro / 秋廣真一郎: Guitar
Pablo Anthony: Drums
Yukky: Drums (for “URAME”)
Naoyuki Uchida / 内田直之: Dub mix

KAKA (for “URAME”): Pochi Ishimaru, Hirokazu Matsuzawa, Gyouji Odamaki, Tossy Umehara
Chorus (for “URAME”): Akiko Odagawa, Gen Ohtsu, Shuichi Uwabe, Tsuyoshi Iseki, Pochi Ishimaru, Hirokazu Matsuzawa, Gyouji Odamaki

Produced by Speak No Evil
Recorded and mixed by Naoyuki Uchida
Recorded at Red Bull Music Studios Tokyo and ULTRA-VYBE (for “URAME”)
Mixed at Makisato Studio
Mastered by Mitsukazu Tanaka at studio Atlio
Photo (a flower and a small village in Kenya): Musashi Shimamura
Photo (at Miyanohama, Chichijima): Genro Kitajima
Title design: Bela Unclecat
Cover design: Wada Mambo
Sales promotion: Kazuya Jimbo (ULTRA-VYBE)

Special thanks to MUSIC SHARE!